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Using Tech to Differentiate When Hiring

Jan 26, 2023 1:08:09 PM | 5 min read


By 2025, it’s projected that over 75% of the American workforce will be made up of the millennial generation.

With that being said, creating a workplace that appeals to this new generation of accountants is crucial. If you’re like the87% of finance and accounting managers that are finding it increasingly difficult to both hire and retain talent, that appeal to the younger generation, or lack thereof may hold the secret to why you’re struggling.

Younger generations have grown up in the age of technology. The process of completing tasks manually is a foreign concept and one that they simply won’t compromise on considering the plethora of automated solutions that are available today.

Technology has greatly changed the accounting industry for the better. Tedious engagements that previously took hours of labor to complete can now be done with the click of a button, and the talent you’re looking to hire knows this. With this knowledge in mind, considering tech solutions is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition if you're struggling to hire and retain employees. 

Attracting new talent isn’t the only benefit of automating your firm’s processes. Technology can do much more for your firm.

Some of these benefits can include:

The list of advantages technology will give your firm could go on.

It's a simple fact that your firms use of technology will be considered as employees weigh their options. Don’t let outdated processes hold your firm back any longer. Reach out to us to learn how Suralink can help your firm attract talent, while automating and streamlining your processes.