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internal audit

Gain Better Visibility into Every Document Request for Every Audit

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The Challenge

Managing Hundreds of Documents for Multiple Audits

No matter which type of audits your team is working on, managing the dozens or hundreds of documents required for each one can quickly become overwhelming. Spreadsheets are difficult to keep updated, and let’s not even get started on email; messages get lost, they’re not often secure, and providers can rarely handle the size or type of files required by most audits.

On top of that, you may have multiple team members working on the same audits, so real-time visibility and status tracking is critical.

We had a 30% increase in our SOX [internal audit] program last year. If Suralink hadn’t been there, we would’ve had to hire substantially more people and work many more hours. Sign up as fast as you can; it’s a steal.
Internal Audit Manager
Major Live Entertainment Company

The Solution

The Document Workflow Solution Designed By Auditors, for Auditors

Suralink is an automated document workflow and request list management solution built for internal auditors. Now you can efficiently create, manage, track, and share documents with team members, third-party auditors, and other stakeholders in your business. Suralink ensures that your audit is always on-track so you can spend your time on the interactions that matter.

Dynamic request list management
All your client requests are in one place, updated in real-time, and accessible by everyone involved in the engagement.
Templates and rollovers
Ensure clients know exactly what they need to prepare with customizable templates and engagements that roll over month-to-month or year-to-year.
Approval workflow
Quickly and easily manage the lifecycle of each request, accept requests that have been fulfilled properly, and send back requests that are incomplete.
Audit tracking and visibility
Suralink provides a clear audit trail and accountability of all activity in the system, while instant notifications keep you up to date.
Any file size or type
Whether it’s an obscure compressed file, a giant Quickbooks backup, or something else altogether, Suralink can handle it. Any file type; any file size.

Managing Hundreds of Documents for Multiple Audits

No matter the type of audit you’re working on, Suralink can help you streamline and simplify the process so that you can spend more time on the interactions that matter.

Compliance (e.g., SOC2)
Follow up audits and validation testing
Special investigations
Information technology
Information systems