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Request List Management

Exchange securely. Track easily. Share instantly. Stress negatively.

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Organize your Requests

Automate the document request process

Dynamic request List

All your client requests are in one place, updated in real time, and accessible by everyone working on the engagement.

Templates and rollovers

Import your existing spreadsheet list for ultra-fast setup. Create templates to reuse when adding new clients.

Customizable user portal

Create a unique experience and help users feel secure by creating a custom sub-domain that has your name and logo at the login page and in system emails.

“We found the best solution out on the market. It really helped organize a disorganized part of our processes.”

Jeff Solis

Principal @ UHY

Invite Users

Give users the permissions they need—and none they don’t

Individual user assignment

Ensure clear accountability by assigning firm and client users to specific requests.

Private requests

Transfer sensitive information within engagements by making private requests that are accessible only to specific users.

Unlimited client users

Invite clients as often as you need without worrying about whether or not you have enough licenses for them.

API connectivity

Easily export your engagement, client, or user data and manage, create, edit, delete, and assign client accounts and users.

“I’ve used Suralink at large firms and now as a sole practitioner, and in both cases, it has helped me increase efficiency by at least 15%, if not more.”

Yuli Mihaylov

Founder @ Yulishana

Drag and drop functionality

Want to add a file? Drag it and drop it. Want to add 30 files? Drag them and drop them all at once.

Any file type, and unlimited storage

Whether it’s an obscure compressed file, a giant Quickbooks backup, or something else altogether, we can handle it.

Integrated chat

Increase the speed and effectiveness of your client communication with the ability to add comments specific to each individual request.

Access from anywhere

Access your documents and engagements from anywhere with a cloud-based platform that includes the highest levels of enterprise-grade security.

“Our preparers have been as much as 50% more efficient when it comes to organizing some engagements now that we’re using Suralink.”

Peter Ordelheide

Tax Manager @ JDS Professional Group

Track Progress

Get immediate insight into projects and engagements