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Secure File Sharing

The ease of email. The protection of a portal. The elevated Suralink experience.

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The Solution

Securely send files of any size via email or by generating a secure link

Secure File Sharing combines the ease of email with the protection of a document exchange portal to help you transfer files securely.

With no limits on file sizes, enterprise-grade security, and an easy-to-use interface, Suralink’s Secure File Sharing solution increases efficiency for your team and improves the file transfer experience for the client.

View Files

Get an at-a-glance overview of all the files you’ve sent and received

Easy-to-use interface

An easy-to-use interface that lets you exchange files in fewer than three clicks.

Document preview

Quickly and easily identify the files you’re looking for without downloading them.

Request Files

Request files by sharing a custom link that lets them upload files directly to your account

Personalized links

Share your personalized link via email, chat, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or any of your preferred communication platforms to invite your clients to upload documents securely.

Link regeneration

You can regenerate your link at any time, which will automatically void any previous links, ensuring your important documents are always secure.

Drag-and-drop functionality

Clients can then drag and drop files onto an easy-to-use, secure web portal in seconds.

Bulk upload and download

Preview documents from clients then download them individually or all at once for a quick and seamless experience.

Send files

Send files to clients securely with just a few clicks

A single account

You don’t have to log in to another application. Simply drag and drop documents to clients via your Suralink app.

Unlimited file transfer

Send, upload, or download any file, any size, and any type in seconds. No limitations.

Web-based access

Clients don’t have to install any new software or create an account to receive files—they simply click the link and securely access the documents they need.