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Secure File Sharing Part 2: Industry- Or Problem-Specific File Sharing

May 4, 2022 11:15:13 AM | 7 min read


In this category, we’re referring to software that is solving a distinct problem, serving a specific industry or both. We’ll primarily focus on secure file sharing needs within the accounting industry and more specifically the PBC (provided by client) process although the same concepts can be applied to other areas. 

You’re usually looking for these specific tools if you have needs that go beyond collecting a handful of documents. Use cases for this category include requiring a dedicated and organized process, and providing your clients with a home base for their files and communication.

What problem is it solving?

In an ideal world, we’d all like one software that does everything. In accounting, that would range from initial client interaction, document exchange, billing, time tracking, report building, work paper management, and the list goes on. Until that magic unicorn is developed, you’re better off looking for the best-in-class solution within the main categories of your business, even if it means having a diverse tech stack. 

Here you’re looking for tools that have rich features for the process you’re trying to improve—in this case the PBC or request list management process. For instance:

  • Using templates to set up lists
  • Cloning previously created lists
  • Rolling forward lists to make set up for the same client in following years a breeze
  • Exporting lists to make weekly reviews quick
  • Tracking tools to keep all parties accountable and to have proof if you need to charge for overages
  • Making assignments when multiple team members and clients are involved in the same project
  • Locking sensitive information to only the appropriate individuals 
  • Archiving options to meet retention requirements
  • Providing final report delivery so clients can access them from a centralized location year after year. 
"Until that magic unicorn is developed, you’re better off looking for the best-in-class solution within the main categories of your business, even if it means having a diverse tech stack." 

Which options and/or features to consider?

  • Suggestions from the previous section still apply:

    • Enterprise-level security
    • Unlimited data storage
    • Any file size and type

  • Organizational features:
    • Most of us have folders upon folders on our computers with files floating around and we often forget where we placed them. You don’t want to translate that into the way you interact with clients. Having the ability to neatly categorize clients whether by department, location, business unit or service, etc., will make the day-to-day process of managing engagements much easier. In addition, when requesting potentially hundreds of documents during audit or tax work, you want a tool that allows you to make the request list easily digestible with categories, sub-categories, and specific requests. That way nothing is lost and every file is where it needs to be.

  • Robust search:
    • Whether looking for a specific client or file, you want the ability to identify it quickly which is where a robust search option comes in. 

What to look for as part of the purchase

Suggestions from the previous section still apply:

  • No minimum licenses
  • Unlimited client users
  • Training and live support
  • No setup fees
  • Complimentary implementation support
    • When working with specialized software, beyond customer support and training, look for companies that will go that extra step and make implementation as smooth as possible. Oftentimes that will include customer success managers assigned to your account as a primary contact. This can be a huge value add to assist with those unique scenarios (structuring the software layout to match the internal process) that come up as implementation is not always the same business to business. 

Thank you for reading the three-part series on file-sharing options. I hope it has been helpful.


Dino Busuladzic is the Product Marketing Manager at Suralink. Dino has more than 10 years of experience across the banking and software industries, ranging from sales, relationship management, customer success, and marketing.