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Suralink’s dynamic request list is integrated with our secure file hosting system for seamless document-request coordination.

This means all your client requests are in one place, updated in real time, and accessible by everyone working on the engagement. You no longer have to manually maintain a spreadsheet amongst several people in both your organization and the client’s, only to repeat the process in a day or two.

Spend your time getting the job done, not reconciling a messy list of outstanding items.

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Approval Workflow

Quickly and easily manage the lifecycle of each request.

“Did I send the right file? Did you get what you are looking for? What else are you waiting on?” “Can you please send me this file? Not that version, but the other one. This is what I needed!”

These conversations are a thing of the past for firms using Suralink. Spend your time having client conversations that matter.

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Get a bird’s eye view of the document gathering process in real time.

Managers and partners can now assess the progress of an engagement at a glance. No need to have the team prep a status update, it’s right there. Better information for better decisions.

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Timeline & Notifications

Receive instant notification of any new activity performed while you are in the system.

Come in after the work is done and see exactly what activity happened while you were away.

A timeline of the engagement provides a clear audit trail and accountability of all activity in the system.

Import, Template, and Rollover Lists

Import your existing spreadsheet PBC list for ultra-fast setup.

Create templates to pull from when adding new clients.

Rollover from year to year. All additional requests that come up during the engagement are automatically captured for next year.

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You can always print or export your list for any reason. Managers can take it to meetings, clients can mark items off as they gather the needed information around the office.

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Communicate Back & Forth

Increase the effectiveness and speed of your client communication with the ability to add comments specific to each individual request.

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Co-Branding and Subdomain

Create a unique experience and help clients feel secure by creating a custom sub-domain that has your name and logo at the login page and in system emails.

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Drag & Drop Files

Want to add a file? Drag it and drop it.

Want to add 30 files? Drag them and drop them, all at once.

It doesn’t get easier.

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Any File Size & Type

Whether it’s an obscure compressed file, a giant quickbooks backup, or something else all together, Suralink can handle it.

Any file type, any file size. Simple.