State of the Art Encryption

Suralink ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your files at all times.

  • While in transit all documents and data are encrypted with the same Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption algorithms as used in online banking, with up to AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Once the document reaches our private network it is stored at rest with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Keys are encrypted and stored safely in a private key store.
secure file transfer
secure file transfer

Failsafe Data Backups

Your data will only be gone when you want it to be.

  • Data is encrypted before being backed up offsite on a daily basis.
  • A two stage “click then confirm” deletion system ensures you will never lose data to accidental deletions.
  • Suralink’s audit trail logs all activity in the system by username and IP address.

Ironclad Data Centers

All of Suralink’s servers are located in state of the art secure data centers that employ the best physical and logical security standards.

  • All servers are housed in SSAE16 Type II SOC1, SOC2 compliant data centers.
  • Servers are actively monitored for unusual activity, health, and IDS systems are used.
  • Servers are housed in secure locations with uninterruptible power in addition to fire & flood detection and prevention systems.
document exchange file transfer