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Business Development

Going up against other firms in a bidding situation and looking for a differentiator?

Firms are showing perspective clients how efficient their engagement will be with Suralink and it’s helping them win new business.

I show my clients that all they have to do is log in and drag and drop onto the PBC list. They love how easy and fast it is to use the system and enjoy knowing the status of the engagement at all times. Suralink’s tutorial videos and live support are also there at all times in case they have any questions.”


Firms using Suralink report a 30-50% reduction in time spent on document exchange.

Additional communication and work flow features provide added efficiency and ease of use.  Everything you need is in one place in real time and your staff no longer have to waste time tracking down missing documents. No more waiting for status updates, with Suralink they are instantaneous. Partners, Managers, and CFO’s now have immediate access to vital information. This enables firms to increase job realization and be more competitive with bids.

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Suralink provides additional information to make billings easier and more accurate

Each individual request in every engagement contains its own unique audit trail. The audit trail contains time and date stamps that show delays in the engagement. This allows you to more accurately schedule fieldwork and also provides support in case the firm needs to bill for overages.

Client Satisfaction

Your clients want the easiest engagement possible and that’s what Suralink provides.

Clients love the simple interface, team assignments, drag and drop capability and easy to use work flow features that keep them up to date on the entire engagement. This is the first time clients have been able to know exactly what is expected of them at any given moment, and you won’t create unnecessary friction in the relationship by misplacing files or making duplicate requests.

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Transparency & Accountability

Suralink sets a new standard for accountability and transparency.

Phrases like everything is in the portal or I gave that to you already are a thing of the past. Your team will be on the same page and there is never a chance they will ask your client for the same document twice. From the outset of an engagement unique assignments and due dates can be created for firm members and clients. There are no more misunderstandings and there is never a reason not to get  things done. And if you want a status update there is no need to call a senior, just log in and get an instant update!


As some firms struggle to recruit and engage the millennial workforce…

…others are finding it easier when they provide access to cutting edge technology like Suralink. Millennials are the most tech savvy generation yet, so why not provide access to technology that mirrors what they use in every other facet of their lives. When recruiting talented young professionals, show them that they will be using the best technology available to make their work more efficient and enable a better work life balance.

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Employee Satisfaction

Keep employees engaged with work that matters.

Your employees are highly educated and skilled. Suralink helps them spend more time having conversations that matter and less time chasing documents. Busy work creates frustration while adding value creates job satisfaction.