What is a PBC list in audit?

An audit request list, or a provided by client list (PBC list), is a list of items an auditor will need in order to perform an audit for the client. The required items tend to be dynamic, meaning the auditor will usually increase the number of documents required as the audit commences.

What items will be included in a PBC list?

The requests are usually categorized according to your balance sheet accounts, revenue and expenses, and then cash flow. You are providing proof and support of your general ledger account balances. Everything from current loan information to contractual obligations - basically anything that has a material impact on your company's finances will be needed.

Why use a PBC list?

Using a PBC list makes your life and your auditor's life a lot simpler. Having documents prepared beforehand drastically decreases the amount of time an auditor has to spend auditing your company. The less time an auditor spends auditing you, the less the audit costs you.

How are PBC list's formatted?

The most common format is for list items to be organized and tracked using an excel worksheet or Google sheet. Other methods include basic email lists, word docs, proprietary software developed by the CPA firm, or a third-party solution such as Suralink. Using an excel worksheet, Google sheet, Microsoft Word document, or plain old email is neither efficient nor secure. Sensitive documents and information are being stored in an unsecure environment. The lack of features and support in regards to collaboration, real-time updates, and adding notes to list items quickly creates confusion among all the parties involved in the audit process. There are several great write ups on how to format an excel document pbc request list :

What's the ideal platform for handling PBC request lists?

Suralink has developed a platform that allows both end users and auditors to easily collaborate in real-time to make requests, transfer documents, track engagements, and assign tasks. The software was specifically designed for CPA firms looking to simplify the audit process saving the firm time, and the client money. The majority of features were created at the request of actual auditors and end-users. In addition, Suralink has received and maintained the highest security qualifications the industry offers. There are huge efficiency gains and increased customer satisfaction from switching from excel, pdf, word pbc request lists to a dynamic saas request list portal. You can see how Suralink has combined workflow and the pbc process on our features page. If you would like to see how you easily you can integrate Suralink software into your firms practice management request a demo.