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Suralink is one of the most impactful software systems that we have implemented. It is easy to use and it allows us to collaborate with clients more effectively.”



“Suralink has been a great tool for our team to interact with our clients. It provides organization and clarity to the process of gathering information, resulting in improved client relationships and increased engagement efficiency.



Suralink is one of our most effective auditing tools. Clients and staff love it because it’s easy to implement and use.”



“I highly recommend Suralink as a tool for securely gathering information from clients. We have used it for the last two years and have had a very positive experience. Implementation was easy and it has greatly increased our efficiency in this aspect of our practice. We have received a great deal of positive feedback from our clients as it has organized and simplified the information gathering process for them. This is a breakthrough product that every CPA firm should be using.”



I cannot imagine busy season without Suralink. It provides the platform to interact with our clients that we had long needed. We no longer have problems exchanging large files. Information is easily exchanged and is always organized for simple retrieval. Clients and staff never have any questions about what is outstanding which makes each engagement significantly more efficient



Suralink has been an exceptional new software tool for our auditors at SBJ.  It has significantly helped bridge the gap between our staff and client management on audit status, issues, etc. as we progress through the audit, not to mention our overall audit efficiencies.   We would highly recommend this new software tool to any firm out there that is looking for ways to become more efficient and to improve the overall communication with their clients.



We have been very impressed with Suralink.  It has provided an effective communication platform for our clients and has streamlined the process of gathering and organizing information.   Clients are pleased with the intuitive interface and they have quickly adapted to providing us with information using Suralink.



“Our clients love the easy interface and the accountability for each request. It keeps both sides of the engagement on their toes and assists in expediting the request turnaround exponentially.



“Suralink has been an excellent client-service addition for our firm. It has greatly streamlined the PBC delivery and tracking process for engagements from 50 client-prepared documents to 500. Many of our client’s staff have relayed their appreciation of Suralink for its simple adaptation and ease of use and their ability to monitor milepost target dates.”



“The software has worked great and our clients say it is very easy to use.



“We enjoy Suralink very much and feel that it is a superior product to a standard file sharing product. Our clients also enjoy it.



“Suralink is our go-to tool when we need an audit to be more efficient.



“So much better than using excel to track requests!  Our clients are happy with the change.

 “We have noticed more responsiveness from our clients and it is so much easier to manage a job and determine the progress quickly.  Clients have also commented on how organized we are and that they have a better picture of what is needed and not needed.  I attribute all of the complement to Suralink.  Simply put Suralink has streamlined and organized the request process.  Thanks again for your efforts and hard work.”



“As a local CPA firm in a highly-competitive environment, we are always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves. Using Suralink is one more factor that helps us stand out from the crowd. Our existing audit clients have enjoyed Suralink’s integration of a checklist-driven approach with a real-time status indicator and drag-and-drop functionality for uploading electronic files. For prospective audit clients, we include a paragraph in our proposals now that lets them know that through our use of Suralink, they will no longer have to deal with duplicate file requests and uncertainty about the status of open items.

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